In 2005 shortly after we designed the new logo, Paradise Air decided they wanted to be in Expotur, the largest tourism trade show in Central America. With less then 2 weeks before the show, there was no room in the convention centre.

So why not put it in the parking lot ! So we erected a tent at the entrance to the convention centre.

The tent was huge compared to the 7 foot booths inside the building so we used that to our advantage by bringing the seats from the new airplanes and configuring them as if the were in the plane. With some last minute graphics and an iMac with a short presentation, we had one of the most popular booths at the show.

Cold towels were provided to every visitor which were more than welcome in the high temperatures that day.

The following year in 2006 we opted for the parking lot again, with a smaller tent and a large flat screen for the video presentation.

After the rains in 2006 we chose to locate in the convention centre from 2007 until present with a collapsible display and high definition projection system.

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